Other Side Of The Tracks Studio

The Recording Studio is a comfortable space with state-of-the-art gear.  Its a perfect place for singer-songwriters to create produced recordings, from demos to finished CDs.  With a 30 year track record recording and producing music, the studio, the sound, and 1st-class musicians are available to help bring your songs and music to life.

If you're interested in having your music
Recorded and Produced here, let me know (click here for the Contact page).   

I dont think that the final "product" could be better than you made it! I think it sounds really good and I thank you so much for taking the time and precision to listen, create, and refine with me! I have worked with many studios in the past and very few folks took the time and care that you did! .
Regards, Joan R 


On the Audio Player below, you can listen to songs
that have been recorded/produced at
Other Side Of The Tracks.

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Albums Recorded at "Other Side of the Tracks

Having discovered the sounds of traditional music while traveling throughout the U.S., Caribbean, South America, and Europe, it has broadened the musical language I use in Writing, Arranging, and Producing, to communicate an authentic experience for the musician and the listener. When underscoring video, it provides a rich palette for me to draw from, to create soundscapes of American folk, country blues, gospel, and other traditional and contemporary sounds.

-Writing, Arranging, and Producing music and sound designs for singer-songwriters’ records,
instrumental music projects, and multimedia projects,
-Member American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP)

-31 years experience Producing and Creating recorded music.
-Music Production and Studio Management in own well-equipped studio (Protools)
-Experience with Digital Audio Processing and MIDI sequencing
-Performing/Recording Musician and Songwriter since 1979
-Guitar and Singing Teacher

-Award winning Children’s Music record producer: 2009 Parents’ Choice Gold Award
-Folk, Pop, Rock, Gospel, Latin, and World Music
-Soundtracks for Commercial Videos
-Original and traditional Yoga/meditative music
-Theme music production

"A Time to Heal"- Gino DeLuca 2015
"God Bless The Child"- Peter Lewis 2015
"Portrait"- Ed Ritz 2015
"The Sacred Code Of Love"- Jewels 2014
"Into The Madness"-Nate Livingston 2014
"Songs for the Space Between"- Charlie Braun 2014
"Casey O"- Casey O CD 2013
"Star Bear Medicine"- Omaja CD 2013
"Let Go Into Love", Bonnie Argo CD 2013
"Salutations" Deb Neubauer Yoga CD 2013
"Dreams Guitars and Gratitude"-Charlie Braun CD 2012
"Singing Green-Song from the Plant Spirits"- Omaja CD 2012
"Walk Me Down"- Shawn Vernon CD 2011
-“Layers”, Addie Liechty CD-2010 (Singer-songwriter)
-“Meant To Shine” Amherst TV program theme song- 2010 (Indie-pop)
-"Train", Sean Vernon CD-2010 (Singer-songwriter)
-Dennis Caraher “Practicing Dying” CD -2010 (Contemporary Singer-songwriter)
“I Miss The Mud” CD -2009 (Children’s Music)
-"Gatherin At The Shore"- Harry Becker and Charlie Braun– 12 short Meditation & Music videos- DVD 2011
-“The Road To Granbourge” (Celtic Folk)
-Pam Glennon “Sparrow” EP- 2009
-Charlie Braun “Theory Of Time” CD – 2009 (Latin, Pop, Folk)
“A Dream I Had…music for a meditative mood” CD– 2009 (Yoga Music)
“The Next Thing” CD-2008 (Gospel, Blues, Folk)
-Joey Cord- “Nobody Says Merry Christmas to Santa” – 2009 (Classic Holiday Swing)
-Ned Claflin “The Doggies Knew”- 2008 (Samba)