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The New CD
"Keep the Vibration UP"

This is the place where the singer-songwriter and the Kirtan singer-musician meet to create an album of heartfelt songs: dynamic productions, moving grooves, and beautiful music.
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Music and Arrangements written by Charlie Braun
Recorded and Produced by Charlie Braun at
       Other Side Of The Tracks Studio, Northampton, MA
Mixed by Charlie Braun and Danny Bernini
Mastering by Danny Bernini at
        Spirit House Studio, Northampton, MA
Cover Art:  from “Shiva and Shakti Dance” by Susan Murphy, 2009
Cover Design:  Chrysti Orchulek @ Paradise Copies, Inc.

Charlie Braun- vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, electric bass, and keyboards
Carrie Grossman: vocals (track 1)
Marcia Gomes: vocals (track 1)
Irene Soléa Antonellis: vocals (tracks 2 & 6)
Janet Egelston-Cichy: vocals (track 5)
Chanting Singers:  Holly Hartmann, Susan Murphy, Ed Ritz, Dave Russell (tracks 3 & 6)
Michael Braun: drums (tracks 3 and 6)
Charlie Shew: percussion (track 1)
Jeff Olmsted: piano  (track 5)
Josh Meltzer: guitar atmospherics (track 4)

My most Heartfelt Thank You to all those whose remarkable voices and talents went into creating this CD. And, to all those who have been such an important part of my journey into and through the world of chanting the beautiful mantras and songs of the kirtan universe.  Om Shanti