Other Side of the Tracks is a great studio for Recording Voice Productions.  Using the best in audio equipment, and connecting worldwide via superfast internet, vocal tracks, voice-overs, audio book production, and podcasts are recorded with the highest quality.  Click here for the contact page to inquire for more info, or to book session time.


Below are books that have been recorded at Other Side of The Tracks Studio.




"Working with Charlie Braun has been a treat. First of all, he has patience, which is so important in recording/editing work. Charlie is, of course, a master engineer with an acute, active ear, enhanced by the fact that he is also a musician. Charlie makes recording work easy and actually fun. I feel lucky and honored to have worked with him."

Gayle Pemberton

December 2018





"Charlie Braun of Other Side of the Tracks Studio is an absolute gem of a human being, and a pleasure to work with if you have audio recording needs of any kind."  

Jon Kabat-Zinn

January, 2019





Charlie’s quiet studio overlooking field and stream proved to be the perfect spot to record my book. Charlie’s technical gifts with regard to doing an audio book made the experience joyful and seamless. I highly recommend him.

Phoebe Sheldon

November 2018