Charlie Braun...folk, rock, pop, blues. 
Singer/Songwriter, Guitars and Vocals, Producer, Teacher.....(and Pie-maker)

From a home-base in New England, Charlie has traveled and performed both solo and with great musicians up and down the east coast, across the country, and beyond. Music has taken him to the White House, Fenway Park, the Carribean, Brazil, and points beyond. He has opened for, and performed with national acts such as Livingston Taylor, Roger McGuinn, and Carly Simon.

Singer Songwriter:
Over the past 10 years, Charlie has recorded 8 CDs of original music.  Most recently, "Songs for the Space Between- 7 Mantras" and "Keep The Vibration UP!" both reflect Charlie's spiritual connection to the music and mantras of yoga singing; "Theory Of Time" is an album of folk-rock, blues, and world music. His instrumental, meditative CD, "Dreams, Guitars, and Gratitude", received praise from many yoga students and teachers alike. “Charlie Braun is a remarkable musician and songwriter. He’s created compositions of musical sincerity- harmonious, serene, and soulful... "Dreams, Guitars, and Gratitude", his 'yoga' CD, adds a wonderful musical compliment for my classes, as well as in my personal practice. It goes beyond the’s simply beautiful music (Paul Spector- Director, Laughing Heart Yoga).

Charlie has been offering his music in Kirtan (yoga chanting) communities throughout New England leading his own enlivening chants.  

As a Producer, Charlie has worked on many projects for full-length CDs, as well as individual tracks for singer-songwriters and musicians. One collaboration has won the Parents Gold Choice Award for 2009, and in 2014 his collaboration "Star Bear Medicine" was runner up for New Age CD of the Year.  He also produced the theme song, "Shine You", for Amherst TV's "Women in the World". (see the Studio Page on his website for samples of music Charlie produced.)

His strong rhythm-based connection and approach to music is the core of Charlie's teaching. With both guitar and singing, his intention is to keep students mindful of the delivery of the song. Introducing groups and individuals to 3-part harmony singing, especially in the traditions of folk, gospel, rhythm and blues, and country, has become a signature offering to his teaching. Charlie also works with groups of musicians to develop and enhance their professional/performance intentions.

Enjoy the Music.......  
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"Charlie Braun's songs are richly multi-layered gems of composing and arranging, and their lyrics wonderfully capture our struggles and triumphs while celebrating the creative spirit that lives in all of us."
David Schochet- Consultant and Music Aficionado

"...funky and honest and musical."
Carly Simon

Thank you for all you do to bring beautiful harmonious resonance to the world!
Grace V

What a beautiful evening last night!  Your glorious music definitely brought me into the zone.....aaaahhhhhh!  
Maura B.

“Charlie’s music is warm, soulful, spontaneous, and full of joy."
Ned Claflin- Songwriter & Savant

Charlie.....You were GREAT last eve.Sometimes your guitar makes me scream
And that is simply wonderful!
Leslie S

"Charlie Braun... is one of the finest songwriters I’ve ever known. His voice is as experienced as his guitar playing which is astounding. As a producer/arranger he has a remarkable ability to see into the heart of a song and how to serve it. He’s a kind of Song-Whisperer, intuitively knowing how a song should be approached and cared for."
Harry Becker- Luthier, Musician, Songwriter, & Teacher

What a gift your music is in my life right now.  Beautiful, harmonic, rhthymic, quieting, reflective,
Soul nourishing….
Thank you so much!
Russell M.

"I adore your first album so I need to catch up and get the others. I have the first one on my I Pod so I'm rocking out to your music..."
Joanne Esau

Hi Charlie,
I love the song you wrote for our LYP video; thanks so much.  
Ellen Smith
Living Yoga Program
Austin Texas

You are such a great teacher and a joy to be around.  I will look forward to seeing you at Kirtan.
Jessica L.

As a 40-year teacher of Anasara Yoga, I’m finding more appreciation for this music in my personal practice, as well as for my classes (students regularly compliment this CD’s songs).
Paul S.